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Learn about what we do and why we do it!

Photo of The Flux Capacitors

We began The Flux Capacitors in mid-2013 with the intention of being the absolute best '80s flashback band we could be. And to add a bit of fun to the mix, we decided to dress up as characters from the BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy - a decision that altered the course of our timeline - BIGTIME...

Shortly after our first live show we were pulled into the Back To The Future community by the cast and crew!  After a while we were cast in the 30th anniversary documentary BACK IN TIME (available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc...) - and became the official band of WE'RE GOING BACK 2015 - the largest Back To The Future fan celebration in the world!!!

Over the years we have performed at numerous comic cons, celebrity parties, Fortune-500 corporate events, cruises, casinos, weddings, cutting-edge private events, and so much more.  We've performed on stage with many original '80s artists including: Run DMC, Tiffany, Missing Persons, The Knack, Dramarama, BowWowWow, Boys Don't Cry, When In Rome, and more!

We've even perfomed at Stan Lee (of Marvel)'s 95th birthday bash!

In 2015 we were featured in our own segment on CNN where the term "BACK TO THE FUTURE BAND" was coined. We have been published in the TOP 20 TRIBUTE BANDS IN LOS ANGELES by LA Weekly 5-years straight as well, and the accolades just keep coming! 

We are the official '80s flashback band of Back To The Future, one of the bands that played at the 35th anniversary of Ghostbusters, and even Netflix's official band of the Hawkins Fun Fair for the 3rd season of Stranger Things!


Recently we co-produced the top rated afterparty at San Diego Comic-Con!  Known as READY PARTY ONE, THE UPSIDE DOWN, and AWESOME MIXER VOL.2!

Photo of Run DMC and The Flux Capacitors
Photo of The Flux Capacitors

From the get-go we chose to never use backing tracks.  This means that everything our audiences hear when we perform is played 100% live!  This is not common with bands who do what we do...

We play more than 500 hit songs from the '80s and the 90's - and focus on keeping our crowds dancing all night!

You can put all of this experience and proven track-record to work for you at your own event, club, wedding, convention, whatever you can throw at us...

The Flux Capacitors  are ready to take care of it for you!

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