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Looking for the ultimate 80's/90's/00's band?

Many party bands will tell you that they are the best choice to hire for your public or private event.

We will let largest brands in the world do the talking for us...

When the biggest companies on the planet need the right entertainment for their events; companies like Google, Sirius XM, Youtube, Microsoft, Sony, Universal, Netflix, Live Nation, Audacy, iRadio, KROQ, Jack FM, K-earth 101, Lucasfilm, Airstream, Toyota, Quiksilver/DC/Roxy, and more, what do they do?

They call on THE FLUX CAPACITORS to handle the job!  And for a few good reasons...

  • We have a track record of 100% customer satisfaction!

  • Our visual production value is second-to-none for bands of our kind!

  • The Flux Capacitors are the officially-recognized party band representing the Back to the Future trilogy! A title that no other band has!

  • Our concerts are played completely LIVE!  No backing tracks!  Nothing faked, and no corners cut!

  • We provide top-tier audio production!

  • and so much more!

So you've gotta assume that if Flux is right for those guys, we're going to be the right choice for your party! 

If you would like to know a bit more about the cool stuff we've been a major part of, please keep reading.  And when you're finished, just reach out to us! And we can work on making your event a raging success!

We know it's an odd concept, but it's true! The Flux Capacitors is the official flashback band representing the Back to the Future trilogy!!! And we have held this title since pretty much the minute we started the band. When we began we simply wanted to relate to our audiences more and so we decided to dress in costume as characters from Back to the Future during our shows. This immediately got the attention of the cast of the films, as well as the writers, executive producers, and Universal Studios.  And so since 2013 we have been brought in for most of the events surrounding the films - including the 30th anniversary celebrations, and multiple events at Universal on the Back to the Future set, cast and crew events!


Plus we are cast members in 'Back In Time' - the 30th anniversary documentary of Back to the Future (currently available to stream on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Peacock, and others).  This movie was released to Netflix on October 21st, 2015, then moved to Hulu, and has now settled on Amazon.  The documentary chronicles the history of the films, and the community that has arisen out of it.  We were cast in Back in Time as one of three of the 'musical' aspects of it - the first being the composer of the film score Alan Silvestri, and of course Huey Lewis.   Also appearing in the film is Steven Spielberg, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and the entire rest of the cast and crew.  Our band was mentioned in the official programme for Back to the Future the Musical as well!

In 2015 CNN asked us to come do a feature about the band.  This ran on CNN and HLN, and even Airport Network for several years.  It is perma-linked on the CNN website now.  You can watch it here if you're interested.  The Flux Capacitors on CNN.


But we're not only involved with Back to the Future!  Other major film and TV properties have made us part of their legacy too!  


We are the band that Netflix chose to perform at their experiential events surrounding the release of Stranger Things season 3.  We were asked to play at a 2-day event where they took over the Santa Monica Pier and converted it to a location from the series - namely Mayor Kleins Fun Fair...  During this event we were tasked with playing live 80's music to help immerse the literal hundreds-of-thousands of Stranger Things fans in the setting of the series.


In a partnership with Sony Interactive we produced and created the title theme song to 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife ScARe'.  This is the mobile, augmented-reality, video game developed in conjunction with the release of the film 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' - in 2021.  The game is available for iOS and Android platforms.  Due to having produced this song, our band is considered to be canon in the Ghostbusters universe. Click to watch the video and read about thisWe also just finished writing the original music for Ghostbusters News - the world's largest media source for the Ghosbusters universe! In 2019 Sony and Columbia Pictures had us perform at Ghostbusters Fan Fest - the 35th anniversary of the release of the original Ghostbusters movie. This event took place on the Sony backlot, featured multiple original cast members, as well as a performance by Ray Parker Jr.


Recently we headlined Arnold Schwarzeneggers afterparty for his yearly fitness convention (The Arnold Sports Festival) in Columbus, Ohio. We also had the honor of headlining Stan Lee's 95th (and final) bday bash in 2018. And we are the first band that ever played the Pokémon theme song live with the original singer, Jason Paige! In 2022 we headlined Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim!


And in the fall of 2024 we will be heading out on a 50-city, North American tour with Sirius XM.  This is currently unannounced...


Because of the authenticity of our shows, we have had many original guest performers join us on stage over the years.  These range from Deon Estes of Wham!, to John Easdale of Dramarama, to Tiffany, Run-DMC, Prescott Niles of Missing Persons and The Knack, to Johnny Vatos from Oingo Boingo, Anabella Lwin of Bow Wow Wow, Nick Richards from Boys Don't Cry, to Clive Farrington of When In Rome, and many more.

So, we hope that all of that speaks for itself!  And that you can feel good about choosing to reach out to us to discuss making your own event the best thing in the space-time continuum!

We're looking forward to speaking with you!

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