Get to know the guys of The Flux Capacitors!



(Tyler McDonald)

Tyler's insane vocal range, on-stage theatrics, and crowd-leading charisma make for a perfect show everytime!


Tyler's ability to meticulously mimic the voices of pop vocalists while his own style shines through gives Flux performances a new spin on older music - while remaining true to the original 

Brian Lanzarotto as Doc Brown


(Brian Lanzarotto)

Brian's versatile ability to shred and play mellow makes him a vital and central force in the band.


Brian never skips a chord, never drops a note, and always manages to play his heart out - all while sticking to his 'RockDoc' stage persona.




(Ryan Silverberg)

Ryan's mastery of the synthesizer brings the band an authentic sound found nowhere else.

Committed to replicating the sounds of the '80s and '90s music, he spends plenty of time perfecting his synth patches to get just the right tone and depth.


Nick Diiorio as George McFly


(George McFly)

Nick brings a bottom-heavy, yet melodic low end to Flux concerts. Never putting in too much, and never putting in too little.


Nicks stage energy is infectious. He can learn a new song in 2 minutes - and slap and pop as a professional bassist should. 

Jonas Streffer as Biff Tannen


(Jonas Streffer)

Jonas brings the thunder! His dynamic style keeps the crowds dancing all night!


Jonas rounds out The Flux Capacitors with his 'beast mode' drum solos, 4-on-the-floor beats, and, complex time signatures.


This is the kind of drummer other drummers aspire to be.